Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Let's Begin Again--We're back!

A few medical problems, a move to Roanoke, Virginia, and a few other concerns sidelined me for a while. However, I cannot contain what I have been introduced to, what I have learned, and how much I realize we all need to hear this stuff that arises from the anonymous depths of my life. All thoughts, insights, visions, spiritual experiences, moods, emotions, etc., arise selflessly--as I hope you are aware. If not, simply watch--with a serene mind--your thoughts and feelings as they arise. You will soon notice that, if you are honest, i.e., of clear vision, your thoughts, etc., are coming from or appearing from an unidentifiable source. There is, I suppose, some small measure of knowledge to be gained from speculating about the nature of this source. However, no matter what is said about it in any definitive way, will only be provisional. Much less and much more can always be said. Have at it if you wish. But remember this, any characterization of this source will elude finality. This is so for a very simple reason: We can never get behind it. We are an effect, not a cause. We, like the worlds we have lived and will live, are creations--or the movement of creation itself. We are always one blink of an eye too late to witness our own emergence from our source. If you doubt this, take a good look for yourself.

Burning as living, Living as burning

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